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Freebie: Holiday Budget & Gift Tracker

It's the most expensive time of the year! Use this tool to help you plan your gifts and holiday related expenses, keep track of your shopping list, and see where you are going over budget.

Christmas Shopping

'Tis the season for the highest debt accumulation of the year.

The end of the summer brings about a lot of expenses. You have back-to-school shopping, Halloween decor/costumes, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping, and holiday gift shopping/decor/food, and then New Year festivities! 

It's very tempting to give up on the budget for the season, put it on the credit card, and worry about it come January. I want you to break away from this cycle and stop crawling out of the debt by June, just to start accumulating again come October. 

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Use the holiday  budget and gift tracker to...

  • Maintain a list of all the people you might need to buy gifts for and set a budget for each person

  • Shopping list that will help you stay within your budget

  • Keep track of gift ideas and links to the things you need to buy

Download Freebie

Freebie: Holiday Budget and Gift Tracker

Download Freebie

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