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Freebie: Expense Optimization

We understand that taking the first step towards financial well-being can be daunting. Our freebies are designed to give you a taste of what Evolving Money Coaching can offer, without any commitment. Consider these resources as your first step towards financial regeneration.

Desert Trees

How to reduce and change your expenses to save money

This expense optimization tool gives you over 90 ways to start reducing your expenses and helps you visualize your potential savings. 

Reducing your expenses does not have to be “restrictive”. By learning how to optimize your expenses, you will be spending in alignment with your values and attracting more wealth in your life. 


Side effects include:

  • Becoming more resourceful in your daily life and habits to get the most out of your hard earned cash.

  • Feeling empowering and badass when you can get the same value for less money

  • Learning more about yourself and your values as you experiment with reducing expenses in certain areas of your life

  • Having more money in your bank account

Download Freebie

Click here to download

Freebie: Expense Optimization

Download Freebie

Click here to download

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