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Financial coaching to help you spend money on what matters most.

A financial regeneration plan will help you renew, restore, and grow your financial health and wellbeing. You have worked hard for what you have. Let’s get you to the next step in your money evolution.

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Are you in need of a financial coach?

  • Struggling to balance spending and saving

  • You tried budgeting but it was restrictive and so boring

  • Your income is increasing but the bank account balances aren’t showing it

  • You are proud of your career and life but you  wish you had more to show for it

  • You are tired of money holding you back from achieving your goals

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Create Your Financial Regeneration Plan

  • Start saving for your most important goals (buying a home, saving for a big purchase, building savings for peace of mind, or something else!)

  • Spend money with purpose and on what you value most 

  • Create a spending plan that is actually realistic and won’t cut out your favorite guilty pleasures

  • Strategize paying off debt quickly or leveraging it appropriately 

  • Action items to implement the habits you need to live your wealthy life

How the Financial Regeneration Plan Works

Sign Up To Schedule A Q&A Call

We will discuss your unique situation and determine if the Financial Regeneration Plan is right for you.

Create Your Financial Regeneration Plan

We create a realistic spending plan, debt payoff plan, and savings strategy to help you reach your financial goals within a two hour zoom meeting.

Accountability and Implementation 

We have two additional 60 minute meetings included in the Financial Regeneration Plan to help you implement your budget by reviewing account structure, creating automations, and tracking expenses with the Monarch Money budgeting app (or app of your choice).

Ongoing Coaching

Determine what level of ongoing coaching will be best to help you stick to your new budget. Packages include monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly meetings to help you stay accountable.

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What's Next After The Financial Regeneration Plan?

After you create a Financial Regeneration Plan, you can work on your action items on your own or you can sign up for an ongoing coaching program that provides support and accountability to make your plan reality.

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Meet Your Financial Coach

Taylor Westergard, CFP®, AFC®

Hi there! I am Taylor, the founder of Evolving Money, a company created to help regular people become extraordinary with their personal finances.

Having helped millionaires and broke college students, I understand on a personal level how the stress, fear, and anxiety of handling money can alter someone’s entire life.  I have dedicated myself to helping people find their way from financial survival and to a wealthy lifestyle.


“We feel much more confident in our ability to manage our financial goals given the tools and financial guidance Taylor provided.”

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  • What does a financial coach do?
    A coach works with you to determine how to achieve your goals, live by your values, and break emotional barriers that are preventing success. You will receive an education of sound financial principles while making money fun and exciting. A financial coach is very similar to a Fitness Coach: you will learn how to achieve your goals, get all the tools and resources for success, and stay accountable to your coach. And just like a fitness coach, they can’t do the hard work for you. Your commitment and action is what gets you results!
  • How is a financial coach different from a financial advisor?
    A financial coach does not handle your investments or tell you what to invest in. A financial coach at Evolving Money does NOT sell you insurance or any other financial product. A coach helps you with budgeting, paying off debt, spending in alignment with you values, and saving. After working with a financial coach, you may want to then work with a financial advisor to learn how to invest in a tax efficient manner according to your goals and situation.
  • I don’t have a lot of money saved but I need help. Can I still work with you?
    Absolutely! Your first coaching call is totally free! Some have even seen hundreds of dollars of savings just through that first coaching call. Don't hesitate to schedule with me. I am your best money friend and will recommend a solution that is best for you. That could mean a financial coaching program, but it could also mean other professionals or resources that might serve you.
  • I want to learn more but I am not sure if I am ready to commit. What’s the next step?
    If you haven't started using a budget app, or the app you are using just isn't working for you, I suggest getting started with Monarch Money Budgeting app and checking out my YouTube channel get yourself set up and on a budget!



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Salt Lake City, Utah

Working with clients locally and virtually across the U.S.

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